Nuclear Outage Calendar

An old project of mine just got a rewrite to a service-oriented architecture, and it’s improved by a lot.

Announcing: the new Nuclear Outage calendar.

The API was created with Grape and runs on Heroku. The frontend linked above is an Angular app.

Bonus feature: Put it on your iPhone home screen.

Stupid features

Stupid features of my car that turned out to be great:

Stupid features of my car that really are stupid:

Some podcast suggestions

This is a rebound of posts I read recently by Samantha Bielefeld and Seth Clifford on “alternate” podcasts— in this case meaning things not on 5by5 or Relay, or not “tech podcasts” in general. I didn’t see these elsewhere, so here are my suggestions for the mix:

"Engaging our readers tbh"

Nobody covers clothes quite like Four Pins and their venerable Twitter account. For a weekend project, I thought it would be funny to give them a Twitter bot in the style of @horse_ebooks.

There is a ruby gem purpose-made for this called twitter_ebooks. It works well, but their documentation leaves a lot to be desired. I used this post as a starter guide, but it doesn’t cover 100% of what you’d want to do.

Specifically, if you configure the twitter_ebooks gem and Direct Messages aren’t working, make sure you’ve run an ebooks auth from the command line. Do this even if you have already obtained your app’s credentials from Twitter by copy/pasting.

Some of my favorite things the bot has said so far:

It is, as @Four_Pins might say, lit.

Follow the Four Pins Ebooks bot at @Four_Plns